Summer 2013 FAQ

Hello lovers of Bear Lake!

We thought we’d answer a few of the frequently asked questions we have received this summer to help visitors to the area.


Q. Is there a fire ban this year, like there was last year?

A. Not yet.  As of July 18th there are no fire restrictions, so you can use the firepits at your rental.


Q. When is Raspberry Days and what is going on?

A. Bear Lake Raspberry Days begins Wednesday, July 31st and goes until Saturday, August 3rd. For the schedule and more info go here.


Q. How is the lake level and temperature?

A. The lake is still relatively high.  This means the Garden City Public Beach is still closed until further notice.  My best guess is it might open just in times for Raspberry Days.  The lake is WARM! As of today the lake is currently 70 degrees and still rising. Check current status here.


Q. Is the Bear Lake Monster real?

A. Yes, and you can follow him on twitter here


Q. Are “street legal UTVs” legal on the streets of Garden City?

A. Yes. The population base is small enough that UTVs with the “street legal kits” are allowed on the roads.  Severalplaces rent these machines making it easy to drive from the rental location into the nearby hills directly.