Snowmobile trails, Fishing & Conditions 2-8-16

Bear Lake Fishing Report

Well the Cisco run is officially over now however the Bear Lake whitefish have already started to come in to spawn. This is about 7-10 days ahead of schedule but even though it has brought the trout back in to feed but it didn’t give us another week for them to get a little more interested in feeding on a broader scale. I am not saying that the trout are not in feeding but it is nothing like it could have been if those little whitefish would have waited just another week the trout fishing would have been that much better!

With that being said the temperatures are stilling very cold up here in the valley. If you look at the top of any of my pages, you will see the temperatures and that will help you understand what to be prepared for. The ice is still thickening so don’t worry about that however do worry about those certain areas on the lake that are a little susceptible for having thinner ice do to the methane gas below it.

Areas for the best Bear Lake whitefish are off of the Rockpile, 150 South along the weed-beds, south west side in 20-30’ of water as well as Cisco Beach. The pump house seems like is not as a good as it has been in the years past but that is because of the numbers of these little whitefish are nowhere near the 8 million Cisco that we just got done with.

The state marina has also been another great spot for anglers. The new Rockpiles have also produced a few trout and for the record these areas are only in about 36’ of water. I thought I was on them several years ago and I was out in 52’ so I can’t give you my input on them because I haven’t ever really spent enough time on those to tell you any pros or cons.

I will still be open on Fridays and Saturdays from 7am-5pm. If you need me there earlier I can do that for you. I have the tube jigs that you will want to be using right now as well as the other spoons that have been creating the best actions. Thanks again to all of you that help to keep my small business thriving and please take the time to take the survey that is listed above because that is critical in helping me get what you need in my store as well as input I need to present to both Utah and Idaho to help us start getting some budgets better set for our fishery.

Best of luck and please feel free to call or text or email me anytime.

Darin Pugmire

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Logan Canyon snowmobile trail grooming update 2/8/2016:

Trails we have groomed in the past week:state-parks
2/1 – Tony Grove and Franklin Basin.
2/2 – Swan Flat, Amazon, and Beaver Creek.
2/3 – Garden City Canyon, Sinks to Temple Flat (Logging operations between Temple Flat and Temple Canyon).
2/4 – Tony Grove and Franklin Basin.
2/5 – Swan Flat, Amazon, and Beaver Creek.
2/6 – Amazon and Beaver Creek.
2/7 – Sinks to Temple Flat (Logging operations between Temple Flat and Temple Canyon).

Trails we plan to groom this coming week:
2/8 – Tony Grove and Franklin Basin.
2/9 – Swan Flat, Amazon, and Beaver Creek.
2/10 – Sinks to Temple Flat (Logging operations between Temple Flat and Temple Canyon).
2/11 – Tony Grove and Franklin Basin.
2/12 – Swan Flat, Amazon, and Beaver Creek.
2/13 – Amazon and Beaver Creek.
2/14 – Sinks to Temple Flat (Logging operations between Temple Flat and Temple Canyon).


Bear Lake conditions, 2/8/2016:

Approximate Lake Temperature: 32.0 degrees as measured in the Bear Lake State Park Marina.

Current Lake Elevation: 5911.65′. Full elevation is 5923.65′.
The 2015 high point was 5914.45′. The low point for 2015 was 5911.15′.

The lake is now covered in over 95% of ice. There is a small opening on the north end where the water is coming into the lake. We consider the lake to be frozen over. The 3rd time in the last 9 winters. We have turned off the de-icers in the main channel of the marina.

Use caution when going out onto the ice – the thickness may be hard to determine.

This past week, daytime high temperatures ranged from the high 20’s to mid 30’s. The nighttime low temperatures have ranged from the single digits to the mid teens.

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