Snowmobile trails, Fishing & Conditions 1-20-16

Logan Canyon snowmobile trail grooming update 1/18/2016:state-parks

Trails we have groomed in the past week:
1/11 – Tony Grove and Franklin Basin.
1/12 – Swan Flat, Amazon, and Beaver Creek.
1/13 – Sinks to Temple Canyon (Logging operations between lower Log Cabin Hollow and Temple Canyon).
1/14 – Tony Grove and Franklin Basin.
1/15 – Swan Flat, Amazon, and Beaver Creek.
1/16 – Amazon and Beaver Creek.
1/17 – Sinks to Hell’s Hollow (Logging operations between lower Log Cabin Hollow and Temple Canyon).

Trails we plan to groom this coming week:
1/18 – Tony Grove and Franklin Basin.
1/19 – Swan Flat, Amazon, and Beaver Creek.
1/20 – Garden City Canyon, Sinks to Temple Canyon (Logging operations between lower Log Cabin Hollow and Temple Canyon).
1/21 – Tony Grove and Franklin Basin.
1/22 – Swan Flat, Amazon, and Beaver Creek.
1/23 – Amazon and Beaver Creek.
1/24 – Sinks to Temple Canyon (Logging operations between lower Log Cabin Hollow and Temple Canyon).


Bear Lake conditions, 1/19/2016:

Approximate Lake Temperature: 32.0 degrees as measured in the Bear Lake State Park Marina. Ice has formed in the marina. The main channel de-icers are on and are keeping the majority of the channel open. The launch ramp has been plowed. Unfortunately there is a large flat of ice blocking the marina from the lake side.

The Rainbow Cove, Cisco Beach, and First Point launch ramps are currently blocked by ice.

Ice is forming on the lake. The lake is @ 50% covered in ice. Please be careful if you take a boat on the lake. Use caution when going out onto the ice – the thickness may be hard to determine. Warmer temperatures and wind this past weekend has caused ice on the lake to move and break up.

Current Lake Elevation: 5911.45′. Full elevation is 5923.65′.
The 2015 high point was 5914.45′. The low point for 2015 was 5911.15′.

Air Temperature: This past week, daytime high temperatures ranged from the high 20’s to mid 30’s. The nighttime low temperatures have ranged from the mid teens to the mid 20’s

SOURCE: Bear Lake State Park, Utah Facebook Page


Pugstones Sporting – Bear Lake Fishing Report

January 20th, 2016
The trout fishing really slowed down the past 2 days. The Cisco are in so heavy that it makes it tough to compete as you have a 1 and 100,000 chance of enticing the trout to take your jig. However, if you get off of the weed-beds and move out into deeper water, that is where you will have a chance to catch the trout. Pump House and 1st Point area would be in the 72′ range. West Side would be around 65′. Use tube jigs tipped with some Cisco and you shouldn’t have any problem catching a few. Also because you can fish with 2 rods, with a Utah License, you should put down another one but I would suggest the whole Cisco with a sliding sinker split off with a swivel 12″ above the Cisco and then open up your bell on your reel and let the trout run with that Cisco for at least a couple if not 3 runs. At that time the trout has taken the whole Cisco into its belly and all you need to do is set your drag and bring it in. Remember if you happen to catch a trout and you are going to release it and or you have to release it, no worries just cut the line off and release it back to the water. They can and will survive by doing this. Always use gentle care when doing this so that fish can be returned safely and effectively.

Fishing for the whitefish has still been good in shallow. They are in feeding on the Cisco eggs so to have a better chance at catching them make sure you use an ice fly as a dropper above your bottom lure about 12-18″. Tip with a night crawler or a meal worm and that will usually help you to catch those monster whitefish, reaching up to 24″ and over 4lbs!
The lake was a little turbulent over the night but it didn’t take away the ice that is already in the locations that I have spoken of. The Cisco Beach area is also still frozen but use that area for in shallow dip netting for Cisco. Be careful if you decide to venture out deep to fish for trout. The ice is plenty thick so don’t worry about that. A lot of holes will be open but you may want to bring your own ax or chainsaw so you can open up your own holes. If you are not seeing Cisco in a certain hole that doesn’t mean that they are not in, it only means you are in the wrong place. I wouldn’t go deeper than 4′. Last time it froze me and my family caught them in 2′ of water!

I did report on social media that I got in 16 more 8′ custom Cisco nets. I am already down to 12 of them so if you happen to want one for the weekend you need to call me so I can make sure you get one. I am sure I will have a few when you come for the weekend and I am going to be open on Friday at 7AM and Saturday at 6AM. If you want me there earlier than that you will have to ping me on my mobile do set up a time 435-757-9430
Good luck guys and gals and don’t forget the Polar Plunge as well. That will be held at the Marina. Also a Chili cook off that will be going on as well.

Darin Pugmire
Pugstones Sporting



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