• Biking at Bear Lake

Hiking and Bicycling

Bear Lake Valley has many mountain trails for hiking and biking. Temperatures are mild, even during the middle of the summer, so hiking is pleasant. The fall months of September and October are some of the prettiest and most scenic with the brightly colored leaves and the tranquility of the lake.View Bear Lake Trails and Photos on Wikiloc.

Idaho Parks and Recreation Hike & Bike Trail Map website.
Zoom into the area you want to ride in, choose the type of trail and print your map! Click on a trail and see the trail details and upcoming weather conditions! You can also export it to Google Earth using Export to KMZ and virtually ride the trail.


Laketown Meadowville Bike Trail
1150 Meadowville Rd
Laketown, Utah 84038
A 3.5 mile trail, accessed at the rodeo arena in Laketown.

Bear Lake Summit Meadowville Trail Map
U.S. 89 Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest
Garden City, Utah 84028
A 15.5 mile one-way trail, accessed via the Bear Lake summit or Meadowville. If you ride from the summit to Meadowville, this is an easy to moderate ride. Parking is available both at the Bear Lake summit and in the community of Meadowville.

St. Charles Canyon Trail
Minnetonka Cave Rd
St Charles, Utah 83272
At the top, you can visit the Minnetonka Cave. It is a nine room cave full of stalactites, stalagmites and banded travertine. Guided tours available during the summer.

Trail Around Bear Lake – Road Bike Route
Garden City Junction US 89 and Hwy. 30
Garden City, Utah 84028
A 52 mile loop around Bear Lake from Garden City Junction US 89 and Hwy 30.Mostly level, with small rolling hills and can be very congested on summer and holiday weekends.

Randolph Crawford Trail
549 Utah 16
Randolph, Utah 84064
24 mile Bike Trail loop.Note the numerous mine shafts along the east face of the Crawford Mountains.

Little Creek Reservoir Trail
160 Church St
Randolph, Utah 84064
A 2.5 mile trail, accessed from downtown Randolph. Head west from Randolph. This is a flat, relatively easy ride. It is very dusty.

Bloomington Canyon Hike & Bike Trail
S Main Street W Canyon St
Bloomington, Idaho 83223
9 mile trail from Bloomington. At the top of the trail is Bloomington Lake, a glacier-fed mountain lake surrounded by limestone cliffs.

Laketown Canyon Trail
441 N Main St
Laketown, Utah 84038
3.5 mile trail for bikes, hiking, horses, licensed/registered motorcycles and ATVs

Swan Creek Mountain Bike & Hiking Trail
2150 North Bear Lake Boulevard
Garden City, Utah 84028
A 4.5 mile loop trail, accessed off of US 89, from Lakota, just north of Garden City.Although this is mostly a flat ride, there are a few steep spots. The ride comes back onto US 89 through Bear Lake West and heads south back to Lakota.

Bear Trail – Road Bike Route
2176 S Bear Lake Blvd
Garden City, Utah 84028
A 4.2 mile paved trail from Harbor Village to Ideal Beach. This ride is a paved trail that follows highway 30 from Harbor Village to Ideal Beach. Wonderful views of the surrounding mountainside and some spectacular views of the lake.

Garden City Park Walkway
A raised wooden walkway to the lake at Garden City Park.

Limber Pine Trail
A relaxing one mile loop to the 2,000 year old limber pine.

Great Western Trail
A trail that extends from the Arizona border all the way to the Canadian border. The trail passes through the Wasatch/Cache National Forest and Bear Lake area.

Bloomington Lake Trail
Hike or drive via a rough, unpaved road. This small glacial lake is located in a spectacular setting of cliffs and waterfalls. During the summer, wildflowers Surround this clear mountain lake.

Logan Canyon Trails
Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway is home to several great mountain biking trails.  Whether you are an advanced rider or want to take the family for an enjoyable ride, you’ll find trails for all skill levels.

Highline Trail
A 55-mile trail accessible from Bloomington Canyon, Paris Canyon, Emigration Canyon and Logan Canyon. Open to hiking, horseback riding, motor bikes and mountain bikes.

Hodges Canyon 
The trail passes through the South Sinks area, near the top. The sinks are indentations in the earth caused by water eroding the limestone beneath.

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