Fishing Report 1-14-16

Bear Lake Fishing Report from Pugstones Sporting For 1-14-16

January 14, 2016 7:45am

Well cisco and ice fisherman/women followers I have good news and then some OK news. The good news is the lake is still frozen over…or should I stay partly frozen over. Fisherman were able to get out off of the Pump House and the west side yesterday with ice only being 2”-. With that being said they were able to catch a few trout but they caught some nice Cisco as well!!!

Off of the Cisco Beach area yesterday we had ½” of ice. Looking today I can still see some areas from South Eden and then North that are some open water. Most are not along the shore but out into the lake. That is disturbing because of the change of the wind getting strong enough to push off all of the ice. The small storm that we are getting up here isn’t bringing much wind, as of yet, so cross your fingers so that the ice we now have, we will still have tomorrow morning.

The Rockpile isn’t safe to get off of right now. I could see a small layer of ice that had broken up yesterday so some may be safe but going out you would have over 400’ of sketchy ice you would have to go over. As of right now if you did happen to get over it you might not get back off because with the small amount of wind that we are receiving you could see it split open while you were out there and you wouldn’t have any way off of the lake besides walking over 5 miles to do so.

With the few Cisco being caught the answer about the coming into shore is a no. They haven’t shown up yet and with the small amount of ice on the edges where they might be coming in you cannot go out and cut a hole and fish for them by dip netting. I am guessing, so don’t assume, but by Saturday we could have enough ice off of Cisco Beach to at least go out into 6’ max of water and cut a hole and watch to see if you can find any Cisco that are coming through. With this wind and the small amount going into tonight I will update another post about it. I am keeping my previous posts in so you have an idea with date and time of how the ice is forming on the water.

Fishing off of the Garden City pond and the Laketown Reservoir have been stellar! Great fishing and plenty of ice to make it safe for all ages. I am still open on Friday’s as well as Saturday’s and I can come down anytime in the middle of the week as well. This weekend I will be in earlier if the ice is still strong enough to hold a few ice fishermen. Remember with the ice only being 2” you need to stay about 20’ away from each other and don’t plan on bringing anything too expensive just in case. Make sure you bring ice picks with you in case of something going wrong and you have to get out because that is really the only way to do it once you have fallen through the ice. Best to always fish with someone and never go out on this lake alone because I have had several people that haven’t made it back, both those in boats as well as those EARLY ice fishermen!

Best of luck you all and make sure if you need Cisco Nets you call and get them paid for because I will go through them very quickly moving forward. As for Kastmasters don’t go and spend $6 on them. I have 1/2oz up to 3oz with the 3oz only costing $6.50!


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