Fishing Report 1-11-16

Bear Lake Fishing Report from Pugstones Sporting For 1-11-16

January 11th, 9AM 2016

Fishing on Bear Lake this past week was not an easy system. The anglers that made it out did very well but their efforts helped that out. I am sure you that follow social media seen anglers catching some huge cutthroats and lake trout but so you don’t all feel bad that you were unable to make it out you need to know that it took them several hours to get in and off of the lake. The efforts were probably worth it but for me I stayed home until the weather makes things a lot easier that this past week.
The majority of the ice that formed over this past week got pushed to the south end of the lake. That is because of the storm front that came through out of the north. That may be good for you anglers that want to try ice fishing but I still recommend you use EXTREME caution before going out on the lake down at the Pump House and along the west side of the lake. In my book I won’t try it until around midweek and if the ice hasn’t shifted off of the south it may be stable enough in CERTAIN areas. Those areas will have to be addressed as you come up and take the time to decide where you would like to explore.
Yesterday, with the ice pushing off most of the east and center of the lake, we had one avid angler that launched from the east side and came and trolled off of the RockPile. I am sure he did well but I never hear from this gentleman so will just assume. I am more an jigging type of angler myself though but to each their own.
The fishing on the lake will continue to be GREAT this week but it will slowly start to get more difficult because the trout that have been being caught are all stuffed full of Cisco. I haven’t heard that anyone has caught any Cisco yet while jigging but that should change up this week weather permitting. If you do happen to get out and are catching Cisco from boat, please let me know. I won’t share your secret but I like to document this to keep tracking the patterns going forward.
I need to send out a huge thank you to all of your valued customers and friends that have continued to keep my business operating over the past 15 years. I do try to keep things in perspective and I try to make it worth your while to shop at my store. Outside of the best priced and design of Kastmasters, tube jigs, and other jigging spoons I have ice hand augers, ice flies and about anything else you may need while in the Bear Lake valley. My Cisco nets are still unprecedented and cannot be beat. I don’t buy the cheap Cisco nets. I have mine specially made to allow you multiple years of use while not having to improvise each dip with net handles that keep on bending!
Once again keep on fishing and keep on enjoying our beautiful surroundings because we are blessed to have such a fishery in our area. The Cisco hasn’t started to run, nor have they shored up in enough numbers to be jigged from boat. Plan on this changing this week as every fish being caught it chuck full of these little critter’s. From shore don’t plan on this until around the middle of next week and that will be very slim numbers. If they happen to change all odds, like the big power ball ticket, 1 in 265mil, I will let you know. The chances are as slim as you being that lucky billionaire!
I will update my website as much as possible and I will keep everyone notified when I see changes!

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