New Coopers Restaurant at North Beach

UPDATE (5/21/15): Unfortunately Cooper’s North Beach will not be in the North Beach Shops, but according to this facebook page there will be a new place called North Beach Burgers.



If you have ever been to the Coopers Restaurant up in Bear Lake West you know that they are destination for great food in Bear Lake, but did you know they now have a second location near North Beach?  They have some awesome deals to grab something to take to the beach with you.  They call them “Beach bargains”.  It is two big aluminum containers with food to feed four.  The containers are nice and portable.  When the Bear Lake Cabin Rentals staff when there for lunch we got 4 big cheeseburgers, battered fries (comes with tasty fry sauce), and 4 drinks for about $30 including tax.  It is hard to beat that.  We also went back and got their sweet potato tots that come with a yummy marshmellow dip that cost about $6 with tax.  Those tots and dip are addictive!

There isn’t much seating, but I think most people will get it to take with them to the beach.  Below is a picture of the menu so you can get idea of what they offer and how much it costs.