Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Is Check-In and Check-Out?

CHECK-IN IS AT 4:00 PM: To make certain housekeeping has all the time it needs to prepare your property we cannot offer early check ins or late check outs. Please do not attempt to check in early, our properties book frequently and often at the last minute which makes it very difficult to guarantee a check in earlier than 4:00 PM.

CHECK-OUT IS AT 10:00AM: It is our mission to provide the cleanest properties possible so that our guests will come back to stay with us in the future! The 6 hour window between check out and check in allows just enough time for the property to be cleaned and for the hot tub to be cleaned and sanitized between guests. Please help our housekeeping staff stay on schedule without inconveniencing the next guest by checking out on time and following the check out procedures handed to you at check-in & posted in the property.

What If I Need To Cancel Or Change My Booking?

*** FOR YOUR PROTECTION ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING – EITHER THROUGH E-MAIL, FAX, OR CERTIFIED MAIL.*** Each property listed on our site is a privately owned home, consequently cancellations affect the owners significantly. To protect the individual property owners, changing properties will require you to cancel one reservation and then reserve the new property, and the cancellation policy will still apply. (No discounts for late arrival or early departure.)

All reservation deposits made with a credit card are subject to a 3% credit card processing fee if refunded due to a cancellation, regardless of when the reservation is canceled. Any changes to a reservation after it has been made will incur a $25 change fee.

Cancellation Policy Fee Summary:

More than 90 days – 20% of total rental

Less than 90 days, property is re-rented – 20% of total rental

Less than 90 days, property is not re-rented – 50% of total rental

Less than 14 days – 100% of total rental

Is there a minimum night stay?

During peak season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) and holidays there is a 3 night minimum. A two night stay is allowed only when a reservation fits in between two other reservations or also if the booking is last minute (usually less than 21 days). One night stays are never allowed.

What Should We Bring?

All of our properties provide linens and fully equipped kitchens. You will only need to bring personal items (body soap, shampoo, hair dryer, etc…) and grocery items. Bring any specialty cooking pans or utensils you might need as we cannot guarantee the size and type of all pots and pans stocked. Most properties have a washer & dryer and also have detergent for you to use. Adequate paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.) are supplied to meet the properties capacity, should they be needed, additional supplies must be purchased.

Will My Cell Phone Work At The Cabin?

Cell phone service has greatly improved in the Bear Lake area in the past year, but it can still be somewhat sporadic in the mountains. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-mobile all work well at our properties.  Verizon & AT&T boasts 4G data service.  Sprint offers 3G data service.  T-mobile has only 2G (EDGE) data.

Are there any restrictions on the coupon for Sea-Doo or Snowmobile rental and where can I use it?

The $100 coupon (or $200 & $50 on some properties) is valid for full amount any day except Saturdays and Holidays which it is then good for a 25% discount up to the value of the coupon. Also the coupon is not available in April and May.

Map of Rental locations around Bear Lake

How does the voucher work?

We will give you a physical voucher when you come to check in to your property.  You will need to show that voucher to the rental shop when you go to pickup the equipment.  You can reserve equipment online in advance and the voucher will be applied towards the remaining balance.

Are There Any Grocery Stores In The Area?

There is not much selection for grocery stores in the area. So you may want to do any shopping prior to getting into the valley. The closest to most of our properties is The Lakeview Market located at the KOA about a half mile south of Harbor Village Resort. It is not a very big grocery store but they do have most of the basics.

Can I Bring My Pet With Me?

At this time only the Sundance property allows pets ($50/night). All other properties strictly forbid pets on or in the premises.  We cannot make an exception no matter how small or well behaved the pet is. (PLEASE DO NOT DISREGARD THIS POLICY AS IT WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE FEE OF A MINIMUM OF $500.)

Can I Smoke Inside The Property?

We have a strict no smoking policy in all of our properties! Smoking is allowed outside on the porches and decks. Please, do not dispose of cigarette butts in the yard or surrounding areas. If discarded butts are found, additional cleaning fees will apply. (PLEASE DO NOT DISREGARD THIS POLICY AS IT WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE FEE OF A MINIMUM OF $500.)

What If I Leave Something At The Cabin?

When you leave the property at 10:00 AM it is very likely that another party will be checking in at 4:00 PM. If you leave something at the property, please call the office immediately and we will try to locate it for you. If it is not found by our staff or the cleaning staff prior to the next guest’s arrival, it may not be there when they leave. We cannot be responsible for your lost items. If an item is found, there is a minimum $25 charge for shipping and handling. Please make sure you get everything when you leave.

Will We See Any Wildlife?

Most of the properties are located in the mountains, as a result you could possibly encounter wildlife (deer, elk, squirrels, and bugs of various types, including wasps, etc…). But most of all when out on the lake beware of the Bear Lake Monster.

Is There An Additional Cleaning Charge?

We require a three night minimum stay during the high season at most properties. One night stays are discouraged at any time. Stays of less than three nights are subject to a convenience fee of $75-250 (based on size of property). Stays of three or more nights receive complimentary check-out cleaning. Although, at any time if the property is determined to be left excessively dirty, there will be an additional cleaning charge.

Do I Need 4 Wheel Drive To Get To The Property?

Many properties are located on gravel roads. In the summer all should be accessible, but we do caution guests against low sitting vehicles. During the winter most properties require 4 wheel drive to get in and out of them. In Harbor Village there is a lower parking lot for those without 4 wheel drive, and they can ride up with someone who does. If you plan on towing a trailer, please call the office first so that we can advise if your property will be accessible for a trailer.

What Kind Of Amenities Are Available?

All of our properties are individually owned, so each offers different amenities packages. Please refer to each properties individual webpage for the specific amenities list. All properties offer either a DVD, VCR or both. All of the properties are equipped with Satellite TV. While they will not offer the same packages most will have a basic setup. NOTE: Pay per view movies cannot be ordered.  The TV channel packages are selected by the owner and we cannot adjust them to pick up specially televised events.

Do You Sanitize The Hot Tubs?

Many of our properties offer hot tubs. It is our policy to clean and sanitize the hot tub between guests. We chemically treat the water before each rental.